When to Plant Tomatoes in SC

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ARE YOU tired of losing tomatoes to pests, diseases, and unfavorable weather conditions? Without a doubt, growing tomatoes in South Carolina can be a challenge especially if you are new to gardening. However, sometimes even the seasoned gardeners lose the game due to wrong timing. But relax; this year, you can improve your crop’s yield with our tips on when to plant tomatoes in SC. Read on.

The best time to plant tomatoes in SC is between April and May after the last frost date. Also, sowing when the temperature reaches the optimal range helps achieve robust and plenty yields. If you’re growing your tomatoes indoors, seed two months or six weeks before the last frost date.

When to Plant Tomatoes in South Carolina

Whether you are planting long tomato or any other tomato variety in South Carolina, you need to have the planting calendar South Carolina in mind. After that plant your tomatoes in SC during these three growing conditions:

1. Plant in spring for summer harvests

Every South Carolina region has a recommended time for planting tomatoes in spring. But typically, you can begin sowing the crop 14 days after the last frost date for the summer harvest.

2. Sow in July for autumn crops

Gardeners residing in the central region of South Carolina can plant a second harvest from July 10 to July 20. These fruits will mature in autumn before the first frost date.

3. Plant when the temperature reaches the optimal range

Whether you sow tomatoes in spring or fall, South Carolina’s tomato growing season begins when the weather hits 70-80°F. Also, for this crop to prosper, the soil must be warm and range between 65 and 85 degrees.

4. Seed tomatoes indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost date

For gardeners who love growing tomatoes indoors, the planting calendar South Carolina recommend sowing 6-8 weeks before the last frost date. Transplant them outdoors when the temperatures reach 70-80°F.

4 Best Tomatoes to Grow in South Carolina

Here are some of the best tomatoes to grow in South Carolina:

1. Roma Tomato

When to Plant Tomatoes in SC

This sweet, large, and long tomato matures in 50 days and can tolerate many diseases and pests. It is perfect for cooking and making sauce because it has few seeds.

2. Grape Tomato

When to Plant Tomatoes in SC

Grape tomato matures in 60 days, provides summer harvest, and thrives in heat.

3. Early Girl Tomato

Early Girl tomato is cold-hardy and thrives when planted from mid to late spring in SC. The vegetable is excellent for vertical gardening and matures in 50 days.

4. Brandywine Tomatoes

These heirloom varieties with wrinkles grow well in gardening pots, can withstand heat and drought, and take the longest of them all to mature at 80 days. The tomatoes become stunted or die with cold and wet summers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How late can you plant tomatoes in SC?

A: Although it’s not a good idea to plant tomatoes during fall, gardeners in the Central region of South Carolina can seed in July. However, how late you can grow tomatoes in SC depends on your county. For instance, the first frost in the Coastal Plain starts much later. Therefore, you can sow in this region from July 25 to July 30.

A: Tomatoes cannot withstand frost or cold temperatures since they are warm-season crops. So, the recommended planting period in SC is from early to mid-May. During this time, the soil temperature is suitable for these vegetables to thrive, and the danger of frost has passed.

Wrapping Up

Most tomato cultivars do well in South Carolina’s warm climate that is experienced in the region most times of the year. However, this state experiences frost in some months, which may kill or damage the crops. For this reason, knowing when to plant tomatoes South Carolina is essential for the best yields.

The best planting period is spring for summer crops and July for autumn harvest. You can also sow when the temperature reaches the optimal range. When seeding indoors, do it 6-8 weeks before the last frost.

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