When to Plant Tomatoes in Oklahoma

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DO YOU want to plant tomatoes in Oklahoma? These vegetables may not be this state’s representative plants, but they still do well. This is due to Oklahoma’s long warm summers, which are perfect for growing tomatoes. However, there are still a few challenges due to extreme weather conditions. These include sporadic rainfall, hot and dry summers, and irregular temperature fluctuations. To learn when to plant tomatoes in Oklahoma, read this blog post to the end.

The best time to plant tomatoes in Oklahoma is around April 5 (southern Oklahoma) and around April 25 (northwestern Oklahoma) when the temperature is above 60°F. The fall weather is cool and warm enough to stimulate fruit formation. For best results, test the soil temperatures first to ensure it’s above 60°F. You will impair your tomatoes if the temperature is below 50°F.

When Do You Plant Tomatoes in Oklahoma?

If you live in Oklahoma and want to harvest tomatoes in plenty this year, you need to know the right time to plant your tomatoes. Thankfully, I have done the research for you and here are the best seasons to plant tomatoes in Oklahoma:

1. Spring

Tomatoes cannot tolerate freezing temperatures or weather below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the best time for planting tomatoes in Oklahoma is spring, after the last frost. The estimated date for the last frost in this state is late March or April. Growing these vegetables around this time will spare the fruits from extreme summer temperatures.

Experts recommend planting tomatoes once the weather warms up. So, avoid seeding these vegetables too early during spring as the climate will damage the fruits. Also, if you sow them too late, Oklahoma’s summer heat will interfere with pollination, resulting in yellow fruits. Besides, tomatoes won’t yield fruits before the arrival of the first frost if you plant late in the season.

2. Fall

Fall is another excellent period for growing tomatoes in Oklahoma. The climate is cool and warm enough during this time to facilitate germination and fruit formation. However, ensure the air temperature is at least 55 degrees and the ground temperature 60 degrees before planting.

Also, pay attention to frosty weather when planting tomatoes in the fall to ensure you do it before the first frost. Harvest the mature fruits before winter freeze arrives, as low temperatures can kill or damage them. If the weather gets too cold before the vegetables mature, move them indoors quickly.

What is the Best Tomato Variety to Grow in Oklahoma?

You now know when to plant tomatoes in Oklahoma, but which varieties thrive in this state? I recommend the following types: 

1. Sweet Million Tomato

Sweet Million Tomato matures within 45 days.

2. Fourth of July

When to Plant Tomatoes in Oklahoma

The tomato will be ready for harvest in 49 days.

3. Oregon Spring

This tomato variety will be ready for harvest in 50 days.

4. Gardener’s Delight Tomato

Gardener’s Delight tomato takes 52 days to harvest.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How often do you water tomatoes in Oklahoma?

A: Water your tomatoes thoroughly, at least once or twice weekly. These vegetables require at least an inch of water weekly to thrive in May and June climates. Water your tomato garden at least two inches weekly in July, August, and September.

Q: How early can I plant my tomatoes?

A: If you want to seed your tomatoes indoors, you can do it six weeks before your region experience the last frost. You can also sow two months before the final frost, but ensure you give the tomatoes enough warmth. The best soil temperature for early gardening is at least 70 degrees.


If you want to plant tomatoes in Oklahoma, go ahead, as the state’s climate is perfect for growing these vegetables.

However, you can face challenges due to extreme weather conditions like sporadic rainfall and hot and dry summers. Therefore, it’s vital to time the planting season to achieve the best results.

If you’re wondering when to plant tomatoes in Oklahoma, do it in the fall before the first frost. Another best time is in spring after the last frost.

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