When to Plant Tomatoes in Georgia

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THE UNITED STATES is among the leading tomato exporters in the world. It’s not easy to find any region in this country without an abundance of these most prized vegetables. Georgia, a southeastern state in the United States, is not an exception. Thanks to this state’s favorable weather conditions, gardeners grow plenty of these juicy fruits. However, the key success behind their high production rate is planting at the right time. Let’s discuss when to plant tomatoes in Georgia.

The best time to plant tomatoes in Georgia is between late spring and early summer (mid-March – early May) after the last frost date. Also, planting in slightly acidic soil, with 6.2 to 6.8 pH, encourages robust tomato production. Besides, sowing these vegetables at a temperature of 70-80°F helps produce healthy and plenty of harvests.

Best Time to Plant Tomatoes in Georgia

When to Plant Tomatoes in Georgia

Here are the three things you need to put in mind when seeking the best time to plant tomatoes in Georgia:

1. Plant after the last frost date

If you’re growing tomatoes in Georgia, plant when the climate is warm because adverse weather damages or kills the crop. So, if you’re wondering when to plant tomatoes Georgia, do it two weeks after the last frost date. Otherwise, the lingering cold will impact crop yields.

However, when planting tomatoes indoors, you can seed four to seven weeks before the frost ends and achieve excellent production.

2. Sow at a temperature of 70-80°F

Tomatoes thrive when planted in a suitable air temperature of between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, these vegetables’ growing season in Georgia begins in spring between late March and May. The crop will produce robust harvests during this period because the temperature is appropriate for their growth. Sowing at a temperature below 50°F will damage the tomatoes.

3. Plant in slightly acidic soil

For tomatoes to thrive, you must plant them in an area where the soil is between 6.2 and 6.8 pH. So, test the ground first to ensure the soil is slightly acidic before planting. If the pH level is low or high, adjust it first before sowing the tomatoes.

Tomatoes Farms Near Me

To buy tomatoes and other vegetables in Georgia, contact or visit the following tomato farms;

i. Abbottsford Farms, located at 410 Abbottsford Road Lagrange, GA 30240. You can also contact them at (706) 957-2374.

ii. Abby J’s Gourmet. Their primary address is P.O. Box 2555 Clarkesville, GA 30523, and you can reach them at (706) 947-3474.

iii. Alcantar Honey Farms. Their primary location is 15867 Us 27 S Trion, GA 30753, and their contact number is (706) 766-2698.

iv. AquaTerra Farm, located at 2113 Highway 129, North Cleveland, GA 30528. Contact them via (678) 653-4060.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When do you plant tomatoes in Georgia?

A: The tomato growing season in Georgia generally begins from late spring to early summer. You can also plant these fruits between mid-March and early May after the risk of frost has passed.

Q: Which are the best tomatoes to grow in Georgia?

A: Gardeners who prefer growing tomatoes compatible with containers in Georgia plant determinate varieties like Roma, San Marzano, and Marglobe. For those who favor taller ones, Sun gold, Brandywine, and Cherry are the best indeterminate varieties to grow in this state.

Bottom Line

Georgia grows abundant tomatoes as the state experiences favorable weather conditions for this fruit’s production. However, appropriate timing before planting is crucial to successful tomato production.

If you’re wondering when to plant tomatoes in Georgia, do it after the last frost date and in slightly acidic soil. Also, ensure you sow these vegetables at a temperature of 70-80°F to encourage healthy and robust tomato production.

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