When to Plant Tomatoes in Alabama

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ARE YOU planning to grow tomatoes in Alabama? That’s a great idea, but succeeding in the process is more challenging than it seems. This vegetable may fail to survive if you plant it during the wrong period. So, the planting date is the most critical factor to consider in tomato production. Let’s discuss when to plant tomatoes in Alabama.

The best time to plant tomatoes in Alabama is between July 15 – August 15 (South Alabama) and early July – early August for North Alabama. The ideal date for planting tomatoes is when the state hasn’t experienced frost for at least two weeks. Also, for tomatoes to grow well, ensure the soil temperature is at least 55 or preferably 60 degrees during the day.

Best Time to Plant Tomatoes in Alabama

Here are two occasions to plant your tomatoes in Alabama:

1. Plant tomatoes depending on your zone’s last frost date

Tomatoes cannot survive cold weather below 50 degrees and frost. Therefore, check your zone’s previous spring frost date before planting tomatoes. Note the best time to carry out the process is when the state last experienced frost at least two weeks ago. You can also plant after the frost has passed.

Therefore, if you’re in South Alabama, plant tomatoes in the fall, between mid-July and mid-August. If you live in North Alabama, plant between early July and early August.

2. Check the soil and air temperatures

When planting tomatoes in Alabama, it’s important to consider soil and air temperatures. Remember, for these vegetables to grow properly, you should plant them when the soil temperature is at least 55 degrees.

However, most gardening professionals recommend planting when the day temperatures reach at least 60 degrees.

Best Tomatoes to Grow in Alabama

There could be over 100,000 tomato varieties in the world. With this vast number, not all types can do well for the Alabama climate. The following three tomato types thrive in Alabama:

i. Brandywine tomatoes

When to Plant Tomatoes in Alabama

These mature in 80 days, and among all heirloom tomatoes, they are the tastiest, toughest, and easiest to grow. They also do well in Alabama’s hot summer.

ii. Roma tomatoes

When to Plant Tomatoes in Alabama

These large tomatoes mature within 50 days and are perfect for cooking, drying, canning, and freezing. They thrive in garden beds, indoors, in gardening containers, or in any other garden and are resistant to diseases.

iii. Grape tomatoes

When to Plant Tomatoes in Alabama

Their fruits mature in 60 days and handle humidity, heat, and dry climate better than other tomato types. Besides, they are the best disease-resistant tomatoes in Alabama.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What vegetables grow in winter in Alabama?

A: The ten best vegetables you can grow in winter in Alabama are lettuce, Swiss chard, peas, kale, arugula, spinach, and carrots. Others are radishes, kohlrabi, and cabbages. All these vegetables thrive in cold, heat, and drought and are resistant to pests and insects. You can also plant them in any garden.

Q: Can you plant tomatoes in the fall?

A: Fall is a perfect time for planting tomatoes in Alabama because the temperatures are still cool. This climate allows for better fruit development and insect problems reduce. Therefore, you can plant between mid-July and the end of August. However, read the Alabama fall planting guide to know the ideal time depending on your Hardiness zone.

Final Words

Growing tomatoes in Alabama is more challenging than many gardeners think. They only survive if you time the tomato planting season in Alabama.

The best planting period is when the frost has passed, or the state hasn’t experienced frost for at least two weeks. The ideal tomato planting season for South Alabama gardeners is in the fall, between mid-July and mid-August.

If you live in North Alabama, the best time to plant is between early July and early August.

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