Palmetto St Augustine Grass 101

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Choosing the best type of grass for your lawn can be daunting. Your lawn’s appearance makes an immense statement concerning your business or home. St Augustine Palmetto grass allows you to achieve an aesthetically appealing property instantly. Here’s everything you need to know about this Palmetto sod.

Palmetto St Augustine grass is a popular warm-season turf with a finer texture, vibrant lush, and an emerald green color. The grass demonstrates superior heat, drought, shade, and cold tolerance and can withstand heavy foot traffic. This makes it an excellent choice for recreational settings like parks and golf courses.

What is Palmetto St Augustine Grass?

St Augustine Palmetto Grass

Palmetto sod is a type of St. Augustine grass that started in Central Florida decades ago. It is a small, fine-textured, niche turf that is highly shade tolerant. Palmetto looks vibrant and emerald green, demonstrating superior heat, drought, and cold tolerance. It is a top choice in subtropical and coastal regions like Loxahatchee Groves, FL.

What is the Difference Between St Augustine And Palmetto Grass?

Here are the five main differences between the two types of grasses that have almost similar characteristics:

i. Palmetto grass variety has more improved shade tolerance than St Augustine and other cultivars.

ii. This variety also looks more vibrant and emerald green than St. Augustine grass.

iii. It is also smaller and finer-textured compared to St Augustine and its other cultivars.

iv. The Palmetto’s leaf blades are less dense or thick than St. Augustine, forming a very compact grass canopy.

v. Palmetto is also shorter than St Augustine and its other cultivars. Therefore, it requires less mowing.

Is Palmetto St. Augustine a Good Grass?

St Augustine Palmetto Grass

Palmetto grass is a top choice for many homeowners and gardeners across the United States. This warm-season sod is popular as it is used in various areas and applications. 

The grass is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. Besides, it is a versatile grass type that can tolerate heat, drought, shade, salt, cold, and frost. Furthermore, it can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it an excellent choice for recreational settings like parks and golf courses.

Can You Use Palmetto St Augustine Grass Seed for Your Lawn?

The short answer is no; you cannot get Palmetto grass seed or other St Augustine turf variety seeds because they don’t exist. Therefore, buy Palmetto grass plugs or sod to plant this lawn.

Where Can I Buy Palmetto St. Augustine Grass?

Here are a few Palmetto grass suppliers in the United States:

1. Sod Depot of Orlando is a sod supplier company that provides landscape supply needs for commercial and residential purposes. They are at 4929 N Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL. 32810. To order, contact them at 407-875-1900.

2. The Grass Outlet, a landscaping company located at 10624 RR 620, Austin, Texas 78726. To order the St Augustine Palmetto pallets, contact them at 512-580-8162.

3. The Grass Store LLC, St Augustine sod suppliers located at 12868 HWY. 105 W Conroe, Tx 77304. Call them at 936-588-8873 to order.

4. Houston Grass which is located at 213 McKeever Rd. Arcola, TX 77583. Reach them at 281-431-7441.

St Augustine Grass Palmetto Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much water does Palmetto St. Augustine need?

A: Give your Palmetto grass at least one inch of water weekly for a lush lawn. To accomplish this, water deeply and less frequently during the early morning. Reduce the watering frequency on rainy days.

Q: Is Palmetto St. Augustine good in full sun?

A: St Augustine Palmetto grass blooms well in full sun. You must install it in an area with at least four hours of direct sun daily. Apart from that, Palmetto is a hardy, low-maintenance lawn and can thrive in various conditions like clay, loam, and sandy soil.

Bottom Line

Choose the best grass variety depending on your region’s climate and soil to achieve a beautiful, lush lawn. The ideal grass should be tolerant to, among other other things, intense heat, drought, and lawn diseases.

St Augustine Palmetto grass is popular across the United States due to its superior tolerance to heat, drought, shade, and cold. It creates a more vibrant, emerald-green lawn than other St Augustine cultivars, making your property attractive.

Palmetto is a great choice for businesses and homes as it withstands heavy foot traffic and is a low-maintenance grass.

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