Pink Artificial Grass: Where to Buy Near Me

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Are you looking to add a fashionable color to your outdoor space? Or do you want to decorate a kindergarten or kids’ playground to create a playful and appealing space for kids? Here is the good news; pink outdoor turf grass will get you sorted! Read more about pink astroturf and where to buy the pink fake grass in this article.

Buy pink turf grass in home improvement stores like US Rock Corporation, Rubber Flooring Inc., and Walmart Department Store. All these are in the United States and offer in-store and delivery services from Monday to Saturday. Other European companies selling pink artificial grass include Go Artificial Grass and Artificial Grass Direct Limited.

Does AstroTurf Come in Colors?

Synthetic turf comes in different colors other than green. This means you can say goodbye to the boring green grass and welcome the pop of colors available in different shades. Colored artificial turf is perfect for outdoor and indoor spaces.

However, some colored astroturf such as the pink turf suit low-traffic areas.

Therefore, you can upgrade your space with attractive artificial grass that adds personality to your sports field, balcony, playground, or backyard.

You can choose black, chocolate, white, dark blue, grey, orange, red, purple, turquoise, and pink turf.

Pink Astroturf Grass Near Me

Pink Turf Grass

You can buy pink artificial grass in the United States and Europe at the following home improvement stores;

1. US Rock Corporation, the largest supplier of landscaping materials in Southern California, Los Angeles, Ventura, Arizona, San Diego, and Nevada regions. The main store’s location is in Inglewood, CA, 90305, and you can reach them 24/7 at 213.282.2484.

2. Rubber Flooring Inc., a landscaping company located at 2429 S.51st Ave. Ste 10, Phoenix, AZ 85043. You can reach them from Monday to Saturday via 800-613-0996.

3. Walmart Department Store, located at 7701 E Frontage Rd, Overland Park, KS 66204, United States.

4. Go Artificial Grass, a company operating from Unit 1-4 Lodge Farm, Hollington, DE6 3GA.

5. Artificial Grass Direct Limited is Europe’s largest artificial grass manufacturer. You can find them at 16 Hallsteads Business Park, Dove Holes, Buxton SK17 8BJ, or call them at 08000353357.

Colored Artificial Turf Different Applications

You can use colored synthetic grass in the following applications;

i. Sports fields lines

Most sports fields use permanent inlaid artificial turf lines instead of painted ones. The most common ones are white, but blue, yellow, and red grass lines are also available.

ii. Playground

Colored turf is perfect for the kindergarten playground as it satisfies the kids. You can choose the white, purple, yellow, orange, blue, or pink Astro turf to decorate the kids’ play area.

iii. Run-off area

To improve players’ performance, install colored synthetic grass, like pink outdoor turf, in the running-off area. The color freshens their eyes.

Pink Artificial Grass FAQS

Q: What Colors does artificial grass come in?

A: The most common grass color considered standard is green, with varied shades depending on the turf species. However, nowadays, artificial grass comes in various bright, fun, and attractive colors that are perfect for creating themed backyards. These Astroturf colors include black, lime, chocolate, white, dark blue, dark grey, orange, red, light grey, pink, turquoise, and purple.

Q: How do I choose artificial grass color?

A: High-quality synthetic turf comes in several colors to reflect the look of natural grass. Therefore, choose the grass with a color that closely mirrors the real turf type near your lawn.

Q: Can you get Colored artificial grass?

A:  You can get Colored turf in most home improvement stores dealing with sod installation services. Generally, colored Astroturf is a great way to create a beautiful and inviting backyard.


Colored artificial turf is the best way to create a beautiful and inviting backyard, playground, kindergarten, or sports field. With the several hues available, you can form a unique landscape that will offer a luxurious feel to your property.

To buy the pink Astroturf or any colored artificial grass, visit US Rock Corporation, Rubber Flooring Inc., or Walmart Department Store. You can also purchase from Go Artificial Grass and Artificial Grass Direct Limited.