Milky Spore Vs GrubEx: Which is Better?

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Are you struggling with lawn insects like grubs in your yard? As lawn enthusiasts, we know how critical keeping properties healthy and pest-free is. These insects cause severe damage to grass, making it brown and patchy. Fortunately, various pesticides like Milky Spore and GrubEx can help you control these pesky bugs and maintain a healthy lawn. But which of the two chemicals, Milky Spore vs GrubEx, is better for your yard? Let’s compare the powders to help you decide which to use in your property.

When killing grubs in your lawn, Milky Spore performs better than GrubEx in terms of durability and effectiveness. Besides, the powder wins the competition regarding the product that covers a large area with little amount. This chemical is also safe for your soil and other beneficial insects in your lawn. On the other hand, GrubEx kills grubs faster and is less expensive than the Milky Spore.

GrubEx Vs Milky Spore: Comparison

Let’s see if we can draw the line between the two common weed killers in terms of:

1. Effectiveness

The Milky Spore contains a special bacterium called Bacillus papillae, which multiplies inside the grubs, eventually killing them. This bacterium makes the powder way more effective in killing grass-eating insects than the GrubEx powder.

2. Time to work

GrubEx is usually a little speedier than Milky Spore when killing grubs. However, the powder is less effective and less durable than Milky Spore.

3. Cost

If you measure the two chemicals on the economic factor side, Milky Spore is more expensive than GrubEx. This cost is because the powder is more durable, has more usage, and requires less quantity.

On the other hand, GrubEx is less costly, and you need more quantity to kill grubs from the soil.

4. Coverage area

A small amount of Milky Spore covers a large area compared to GrubEx. For instance, you can apply a pack of 10 lbs of Milky Spore on a full acre. On the other hand, you require more than 28 lbs of GrubEx powder to cover the same area.

5. Effects on soil

Use Milky Spore to ensure your soil is safe and free from any damage. On the contrary, most gardeners claim to have problems with GrubEx. The powder kills almost everything in the soil, like the crickets, katydids, click bugs, and more. This is not the case with the Milky Spore chemical.

6. Durability

Although Milky Spore powder has a five-year warranty, it remains active in the soil for 10 to 15 years. On the other hand, you have to apply GrubEx in your garden after every four months. Therefore, Milky Spore is more lasting and durable as compared to GrubEx.

Milky Spore Vs Grubex: What Works Best?

According to this comparison, Milky Spore (pictured above) is way better at killing grubs and other lawn insects than GrubEx. It provides long-term control of these pesky pests without harming your soil and other insects. Besides, the powder covers more area with little amount and is way more effective than GrubEx.

Although the GrubEx chemical provides quick control of grubs, it lasts for a few months and is harmful to your soil and beneficial insects.

Can I Use GrubEx and Milky Spore Together?

You can use Milky Spore and GrubEx powder together to control lawn insects like grubs.

Does Milky Spore Kill All Grubs?

This chemical does not eliminate all the grubs from the soil. However, it reduces the population of grubs and other harmful lawn insects below the damage threshold.

Milky Spore Vs GrubEx Verdict

When it comes to controlling lawn insects like grubs in your grass, both GrubEx and Milky Spore are popular options. Milky Spore is more effective, covers a large area, and provides long-term control of grubs without harming beneficial insects.

On the other hand, GrubEx is less costly and provides quick control of grubs. However, it is harmful to soil and other valuable insects. Finally, choosing between GrubEx and Milky Spore will depend on your specific needs.

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