Lawn Sinks When Walking On It: Why and How to Fix

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Have you noticed your lawn sinking when you walk on it? Considering the time and money you’ve spent on it, we all understand how frustrating it is. A sinking yard destroys your home’s aesthetics and reduces your property’s value. But can you tell why your lawn sinks when walking on it? How can you fix the problem? Read on to find out!

Your lawn sinks when walking on it because of poor drainage, excess thatch build-up, and overwatering the grass. Additionally, your yard may sink if the underground pipes are poorly installed or leaking.

You can fix this sinking lawn problem by improving the drainage, dethatching your lawn, and adjusting the watering schedule. Replacing or repairing the underground pipes and re-sodding the affected areas can also help fix a sinking property.

Why Lawn Sinks When You Walk On It?

Lawn Sinks When Walking On It

There could be several reasons why the ground feels spongy when walking. While there are myriad speculations about why your grass sinks, this part delves into four of the top reasons why you are experiencing yard sinking in spots issues.

1. Poor drainage

Drainage problems can make your yard spongy or squishy when walking on it. The situation worsens after a heavy downpour as the rainwater collects in the yard, making it susceptible to sinking. This is because the ground can’t drain all the water.

2. Underground pipes

It is normal for underground pipes to give your yard a squishy feeling when walking on the lawn. This happens if the pipes are deteriorating, leaking, or poorly installed.

3. Overwatering

Water is vital for a healthy, greener lawn, but too much softens the soil. Overwatering also makes the soil compacted, making the yard sink. Similarly, if you overwater the grass, some water will rest on certain points, making those areas softer than other parts.

4. Excess thatch build-up

If the lawn feels spongy when walking on it, you may be dealing with excess thatch build-up. Certain grass types, like Kentucky bluegrass and creeping red fescue, have thatch build-up every growing season. Although thatch adds nutrients to your lawn and helps retain moisture, too much makes your yard feel sinking.

How to Fix a Lawn That Sinks When You Walk On It

Lawn Sinks When Walking On It

i. Fix your lawn’s drainage to ensure no water settles on the yard’s surface. So, survey your property for old and poor drainage systems and take action.

ii. Aerate and dethatch your lawn regularly, as thick thatch and compacted soil hinder air, nutrients, and water from penetrating the soil.

iii. Adjust your watering schedule depending on your grass variety, season, and region. Ensure you water deeply and evenly, but avoid overwatering.

iv. Replace or repair the broken or cracked underground water pipes to avoid creating spongy spots in the lawn over time.

v. Overseed your lawn regularly to thicken and strengthen the health of your grass. Also, stay off the yard when the ground is wet or frosty.

Why Does the Ground Feel Spongy When I Walk?

The ground feels spongy when walking because of overwatering, poor drainage, and broken underground pipes in the lawn. You may also have ground sinking in your yard due to excess thatch build-up, improper mowing, and compacted soil.

Why is My Yard Sinking in Spots?

A yard sinks in spots due to drainage issues. For instance, if there’s no suitable avenue to drain away rainwater, it will settle and saturate the soil in some areas. As a result, the spots will begin to sink over time.


A sinking yard can be a safety hazard and an eyesore. For this reason, it’s crucial to identify the underlying causes and fix the problem as soon as possible.

So, your lawn sinks when walking on it because of poor drainage, broken or cracked underground pipes, and overwatering the lawn. Also, grass sinks due to excess thatch build-up.

You can fix the problem by dethatching, watering the grass appropriately, replacing the broken underground pipes, and fixing the drainage.

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