Korean Feather Reed Grass: Why You Need to Grow It

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Are you looking for a unique addition to your outdoor space? Korean feather reed grass is an elegant ornamental turf you’ve been looking for! It looks spectacular in a mass planting and also appears delightful as a specimen plant. Do you know how to grow and care for this perennial grass? Keep reading to learn more.

Korean feather reed grass, also known as Calamagrostis brachytricha, is a low-maintenance perennial plant that blooms when planted near water features. It is a slow-growing grass; its seeds take 14 to 28 days to germinate. For this ornamental grass to thrive, ensure the soil is fertile, evenly moist, and well drained. Also, for the heaviest bloom, you should plant the grass under full sun or part shade.

Korean Feather Reed Grass Description

Korean Feather Reed Grass

Korean feather grass (Calamagrostis brachytricha), is a hardy warm-season plant. The grass is native to Mongolia, Japanese islands, Russian Siberia, the Korean peninsula, parts of China, and temperate Asia in general. This low-maintenance, ornamental grass thrives in lawns located in USDA zones 4 – 9. Unlike other ornamental plants, this grass flourishes in a moist location and is actively growing from spring through summer.

The grass is also called foxtail grass or simply feather reed grass. It is characterized by elegant leaves transitioning from green to yellow and vice versa as seasons change.

It has tall stems with pink-tinged, feathery plumes and foliage, which add dramatic movement to your landscape during windy days. The plant flourishes in nearly any condition and appears pleasant when planted in large groups.

Korean reed grass withstands moist soils, so it blooms when planted near ponds, streams, or any water feature.

How to Grow Korean Reed Feather Grass

To grow the grass, start by pressing the seeds into the soil. Avoid covering them as they require sun to germinate. The seeds germinate in 14 to 28 days if the soil is moist and fertile. Although the grass will withstand drought once established, it performs best in moist, fertile soil.

The grass also prefers partial to full shade but can tolerate full sun if you adequately water the lawn. It also does well during the afternoon shade when grown in hot climates.

Additionally, Korean reed grass stands up well to humidity and salt and is highly resistant to rabbits and deer.

How to Take Care of Korean Feather Reed Grass

Korean Feather Reed Grass

Korean reed feather plant requires little maintenance, which is an excellent trait in ornamental grasses. For the turf to thrive, keep the soil moist, moderately fertile, and well-drained.

Generally, water Korean Feather Reed Grass when a few top inches of the soil are dry.

The grass has few disease and pest issues when the conditions are ideal. However, fungal spots can occur during prolonged warm and wet weather periods. Therefore, treat your garden for pests and diseases when the climate is warm and moist.

During heavy wind and snow, the flowery plumes get damaged. Therefore, remove all the battered stems and leaves by cutting them back to ground level during late winter. This allows for new growth and improves the grass’s appearance.

How tall does Korean feather grass grow?

A mature Korean feather grass grows to approximately 4 feet tall, with a spread of 24 inches. Its leaves grow to about 36 inches tall, and the plumes hit 48 inches above the leaves.

Does Korean reed feather grass like sun or shade?

This grass prefers partial shade or full sun for the heaviest bloom and upright growth. It is among the few ornamental plants that blossom in filtered shade.

My Thoughts on Korean Feather Reed Grass

Consider planting Korean feather reed grass if you want a unique and elegant addition to your outdoor space. It is an ornamental plant that is low maintenance and has few disease and pest issues when grown in ideal conditions.

The grass prefers moist soils, so it flourishes when planted near ponds, streams, or around any water feature.

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