Kill Crabgrass in Bermuda: How and When?

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Are you struggling with crabgrass in your Bermuda lawn? Although Bermuda and crabgrass are similar in appearance, crabgrass is vastly irritating and unwanted in yards. The weed is invasive and can create problems that can be tricky to deal with. If you need to know how and when to kill crabgrass in Bermuda, read this article to the end.

To kill crabgrass in Bermuda grass, select and use a crabgrass killer such as Ortho WeedClear that is safe for Bermuda lawns. After that, choose the right day and conditions to spray your lawn and water it deeply before you apply the herbicide. Prepare the chemical, apply it to your property, and allow time for it to work before you water or mow the grass. Ensure you spray the product in spring and on a calm, wind-free day.

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How to Kill Crabgrass in Bermuda Grass: 5 Easy Steps

Here’s a step-by-step guide on killing crabgrass in Bermuda lawn:

1. Choose a crabgrass killer that is safe for Bermuda

Buy a crabgrass killer that won’t harm your Bermuda grass. The best bet is a post-emergent herbicide with Quinclorac, like Ortho WeedClear (pictured below). Apart from Quinclorac, the product has Dicamba and 2,4-D, which eliminates all broadleaf weeds like dandelions and crabgrass without damaging your lawn.

Kill Crabgrass in Bermuda

2. Choose the right day and conditions to spray crabgrass

Now that you have the appropriate herbicide, choose the best day and conditions for its application. The ideal day to spray crabgrass killer on your yard should be calm and wind-free, with a temperature below 90℉ (32℃). If you apply it on a windy day, the herbicide spray evaporates before the crabgrass absorbs it.

3. Water your lawn before herbicide application

After choosing the best day, water your lawn deeply 24 hours before herbicide application. The practice will keep your yard hydrated but not wet, making the weeds effectively absorb the chemical.

4. Spray your lawn

Dilute your herbicide according to instructions, then spray the crabgrass thoroughly. Ensure the crabgrass killer fully covers the leaves before moving on.

5. Allow time for the herbicide to work

For the herbicide to infiltrate the crabgrass, avoid watering the lawn for 24-48 hours after application. Also, avoid mowing the grass for two weeks to allow time for the chemical to kill weeds to the roots.

When to Kill Crabgrass in Bermuda

Kill Crabgrass in Bermuda

The best season to control crabgrass is spring when the soil temperatures reach 55 degrees. Note that scorching temperatures cause herbicides to damage Bermuda grass.

Additionally, you must apply crabgrass killer on a calm, wind-free day. Hot or windy conditions make the chemical spray evaporate before the weeds absorb it. Therefore, a cool, overcast, wind-free day is your best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What kills crabgrass in Bermuda grass?

A: The best product to use if you have a few crabgrass weeds in your Bermuda lawn is Scotts® Spot Weed Control. This ready-to-use chemical for lawns kills listed weeds like crabgrass and dandelions down to the root without damaging Bermuda.

Q: Can I kill crabgrass in the summer?

A: You can effectively control crabgrass during the summer as the weed thrives in hot temperatures (80oF to 100oF). However, you should apply selective herbicides to avoid damaging your grass when killing the crabgrass.

Final Thoughts on Killing Crabgrass in Bermuda Lawn

Although crabgrass is an invasive pesky weed that can be problematic to your lawn, it can be managed. However, you must treat it properly and at the right time. If you need to know how to kill crabgrass in Bermuda, follow these steps:

Select a safe product for Bermuda grass, then choose the right day to spray your property. After that, water the yard deeply 24 hours before herbicide application.

Once you spray your property, allow time for the chemical to work before you water or mow the grass.

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