Does Pine Sol Keep Squirrels Away?

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DOES PINE SOL keep squirrels away? That is a million-dollar question among many homeowners. Squirrels are charming small creatures that often bring joy to our backyards and parks. However, they can become a nuisance when they invade areas they shouldn’t, such as attics, gardens, or bird feeders. Many people seek natural and humane methods to deter squirrels without causing harm to the animals.

One popular notion is that Pine Sol (pictured below), a commonly used home cleaning product with a strong pine scent, can act as a repellent for squirrels. In this article, I look into the effectiveness of this home cleaning product as a squirrel repellent and explore alternative methods for managing squirrel activity. So, does Pine Sol keep squirrels away?

Pine Sol may keep squirrels away due to its pungent pine smell, but no scientific study proves that it can effectively deter squirrels from your yard.

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Pine Sol Composition

Does Pine Sol Keep Squirrels Away

Pine-Sol All Purpose is a household cleaner containing a pine oil-based solution, providing a distinctive pine scent. The oil is derived from pine tree needles, twigs, and cones. Thanks to its aroma, it is included in common home cleaning products. And it is due to this pungent scent many people believe it can deter squirrels – and for some reason, it does.

But why would one need to get rid of these ‘small and charming’ creatures?

Understanding Squirrels’ Behavior

To comprehend the efficacy of Pine Sol as a squirrel repellent, it is crucial to know the behavior and instincts of squirrels. Squirrels are naturally curious and persistent creatures. They possess a strong sense of smell and are generally attracted to food sources. Their sharp incisors enable them to chew through various materials, making it important to deter them effectively.

Pine Sol as a Squirrel Repellent: Evaluating its Effectiveness

Despite the widespread belief that Pine Sol can deter squirrels, there is limited scientific evidence. True, the strong scent of pine may temporarily mask other odors or create an unfamiliar environment for squirrels.

We have a perfect example from our Pinterest account. This example talks of a homeowner who used Pine-Sol to deter squirrels. However, as the reader says, Pine-Sol is unlikely to have a long-term repellent effect.

Does Pine Sol Keep Squirrels Away

Moreover, squirrels can quickly adapt to their surroundings. They become habituated to certain smells, including the scent of Pine Sol. What may initially deter them could eventually lose its effectiveness. In the end, squirrels become accustomed to the scent or find alternative routes or food sources.

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Alternative Methods to Deter Squirrels

Physical Barriers: Installing mesh or wire fencing around vulnerable areas can prevent squirrels from gaining access. Ensure you install the barriers properly and cover all potential entry points.

Squirrel-Proof Feeders: Use specialized bird feeders designed to deter squirrels. Good examples are those with weight-activated mechanisms, which close off access to food when they detect a squirrel’s weight.

Natural Repellents: Some natural substances like cayenne pepper, garlic, or predator pee, such as Coyote urine, can be temporary deterrents due to their strong odors. However, similar to Pine Sol, their effectiveness may diminish over time.

Habitat Modification: Trim overhanging branches and secure loose or damaged roof shingles to limit squirrel access to your home. Remove fallen fruits and nuts from the ground, as they attract squirrels.

Ultrasonic Devices: Ultrasonic devices emit high-frequency sounds that are unpleasant to squirrels but inaudible to humans. These devices can help deter squirrels without causing harm.

Does Pine Sol Keep Away Squirrels FAQs

Q: Can I use pine-sol all-purpose cleaner on squirrels?

A: While Pine-Sol All Purpose can send squirrels away due to its pungent scent, no scientific study can confirm its efficacy.

Q: Will Pine Sol deter squirrels?

A: As will most household cleaners, Pine-Sol can deter squirrels, gophers, hamsters, and other rodents from your yard due to its pungent smell. However, there is no evidence that it is a viable solution to eliminate squirrels and other pests from the yard completely.

Q: What chemical gets rid of squirrels?

A: Squirrel MACE, a renowned spray, is a powerful solution that gets rid of not just squirrels but also chipmunks, skunks, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, and other common rodents from the yard. The chemical is safe for pets and human beings.

If you want to try it, click on the image below.

My Thoughts on Whether Pine Sol Can Keep Away Squirrels

While Pine Sol’s strong pine scent may provide temporary relief from squirrel activity, it is not a long-lasting solution. Squirrels are adaptable creatures, and their behavior can change over time.

To be successful in keeping away squirrels, employ a combination of methods. You can try physical barriers, squirrel-proof feeders, and natural repellents.

Additionally, you can do habitat modification or use ultrasonic devices.

As always, it is important to handle squirrel-related issues humanely and responsibly. When keeping squirrels away, ensure the welfare of both the animals and the affected property.