Can You Install Concrete Pavers with Artificial Grass in Between?

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Many homeowners question whether installing concrete pavers with artificial grass in between is possible. The answer is yes, you can! Combining artificial grass with pavers makes your property look neater and more unique. The process is almost similar to fitting an artificial lawn, though it has a few differences. In this article, you’ll learn about installing artificial grass between pavers and common mistakes people make. Keep reading.

You can install concrete pavers with artificial grass in between by choosing quality artificial grass and good soil. After that, prepare the ground for drainage, install a sub-base layer, lay the artificial grass, and nail it down. Next, cut around the pavers, secure the turf seams, and finish by adding the infill. You can then brush your turf to remove debris and other dirt to make your property neat and attractive.

How to Install Concrete Pavers with Artificial Grass in Between

Concrete Pavers with Artificial Grass

Here are the 8 steps on how you can install concrete pavers with artificial grass in between:

1. Choose quality grass

There are diverse turf varieties designed for different purposes. Therefore, ensure you choose suitable and durable grass when combining artificial turf with pavers for better results.

2. Good soil

Compact soil is the key to a great and durable install, as less compacted soil makes the pavers uneven. So, to prevent your new patios from sinking, use compacted soil when joining pavers and fake grass.

3. Prepare the ground and fix the drainage

Level the ground and clear the concrete of all debris and dirt before you begin your project for excellent outcomes. Furthermore, to avoid puddles and floods in the road, fix the drainage to ensure water drains well between the concrete pavers.

4. Install the sub-base layer

Fix a brick between the concrete pavers, and squeeze the sub-base beneath by hitting it with a hammer.

5. Install the artificial grass and nail it down

Next, roll the artificial turf over the concrete pavers, leave it in the sun for 4 hours, and install it. This gives the turf fibers ample time to recover and stand up again after being compacted in the packaging. After laying the grass, nail it down temporarily as you work.

 6. Cut around the pavers

Cut around each paver carefully for a beautiful final appearance of artificial grass with pavers. Use a knife to press the side of the paver on a consistent viewpoint.

7. Secure the turf seams

Once you’re done cutting, permanently secure the fake turf to the ground. You do this by sealing the seams with joining tape as you remove the nails.

8. Finish by adding the infill

Gently pour an infill material of your choice, like cork, rubber, or sand, around concrete pavers. You can finally rake the synthetic turf blades until they look natural.

Common Mistakes When Installing Artificial Turf Between Pavers

i. Using natural grass

Some people place their pavers on natural grass. Although it is right, it can result in many problems later. As the real turf grows, it pushes the concrete pavers up, damaging the structure and making it unstable. It also makes your paving blocks look unsightly.

ii. Weeds

You must have a good weed control system when installing patio artificial grass between pavers. Otherwise, the weeds will poke through the paved area, ruining the entire structure.

iii. Inaccuracy

Most homeowners think that fitting artificial grass pavers doesn’t require accuracy. However, accuracy is crucial when prepping the installation area because bad drainage and uneven ground make the structure look inadequate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it OK to put artificial grass on concrete?

A: You can fix artificial grass on concrete as long as you prepare the installation area as required. Note; concrete pavers and artificial grass structures look unsightly due to improper drainage and uneven ground. Therefore, to avoid future complications, ensure proper prepping and installation.

Q: What type of infill should I use to combine artificial grass and pavers?

A: For sporting fields and high-traffic areas, use crumb rubber, and for your backyard, use silica sand. If you have dogs, the best infill is acrylic-coated sand, which has antimicrobial protection.

Final Thoughts

Installing concrete pavers with artificial grass in between improves your property’s aesthetic and value. The process is simple, and the outcomes are exceptional if you follow the proper installation steps.

To install artificial grass between concrete pavers, begin by choosing suitable turf and good soil. Next, prepare the ground for drainage, install a sub-base layer, lay the artificial grass, and nail it down.

After that, cut around the pavers, secure the turf seams, and finish by adding the infill.

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