Can You Ride a Lawn Mower While Pregnant?

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Pregnancy is a very important step in a woman’s life. It’s incredible to imagine yourself as a mother, holding your bouncing baby. However, many things can go wrong during pregnancy. Some will be extremely scary situations, while others will give you moments of uncertainty mixed with emotions, including whether you can ride a lawn mower while pregnant. Read on to get the answer.

You can ride a lawn mower while pregnant as one of the ways to exercise, but you must exercise with caution. 

Some pregnancies come with complications; you should consult your gynecologist before engaging in any physical activity, such as riding a lawn mower.

Upon getting approval from your doctor, you can ride your lawn mower, including a tractor lawn mower but do not overdo it. Additionally, watch how your body behaves even as you carry on with your “riding lawn mower” exercise and learn to stop the exercise whenever your body warns you.

Again, it is important to emphasize that while it is okay to ride a lawn mower while pregnant, there might be risks involved, which we want to explore in this article.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Riding a Lawn Mower While Pregnant

You can ride a lawn mower when you are pregnant. However, it would help if you watched how your body responds. Here are some of the dos and don’ts you must be watchful of when riding a lawn mower while pregnant:


  • Having a lawn mower that is well maintained and with sharp blades will make your exercise less tedious.
  • Put on suitable clothing such as long pants, closed those, gloves, and goggles.
  • Wait until the sun sets to ride your lawn mower. Riding a lawn mower while pregnant at midday, when the such is extremely hot, will put you at a higher risk of dehydration.
  • Make sure the lawn is flat and not bumpy.
  • Avoid riding a lawn mower amid obstacles because you might run into them and cause an accident.
  • Dehydrate yourself and take as many breaks as necessary during the ride.


  • Don’t push or ride a lawn mower if your doctor advises against it because you may develop complications or, worse, have a miscarriage.
  • Avoid certain extremes such as dehydration, exposure to allergens, fumes, and heat exhaustion.
  • Don’t continue with the ride if you feel uncomfortable riding a lawn mower.

Benefits of Riding a Lawn Mower During Pregnancy

can you ride a mower while pregnant

Perhaps you are wondering if riding a lawn mower during pregnancy has any benefits. It is even beneficial to exercise non-strenuous such as riding a lawn mower during pregnancy. 

Some of the benefits that come with riding a lawn mower during pregnancy include the following:

  • Preventing weight gain
  • Making delivery an easy exercise
  • It helps increase endorphins (the feel-good hormones), which in turn help improve your mood

When and How to Ride a Lawn Mower at Different Pregnancy Stages

Although we have agreed that riding a lawn mower while pregnant is okay, one thing is for sure. The more your pregnancy progresses, the more your doctor will advise you against riding a mower.

So, at what stage of pregnancy is it safe to ride a lawn mower? Let’s see:

10 Weeks

Ten weeks or 70 days into your pregnancy, riding a mower is considered safe and less dangerous. Nonetheless, the life of the baby you are carrying is important; thus, you cannot go to extremes.

Even at the early stages of pregnancy, it is not advisable to inhale fumes from gas-driven lawnmowers. So, consider an electric or battery-powered lawn mower such as the PowerSmart 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower (pictured below).

20 Weeks

By now, you’ve started to feel baby bumps because it is nearly halfway through your pregnancy. You may also start to notice some changes in your body. Still, you can ride a lawn mower without much problem. But it would help if you increased caution.

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30 Weeks

Sizeable bumps are a norm during this period. Your body, too, might feel tender, sore, or fragile. While you can still ride a mower, it is advisable to use a ride-on mower instead of a push lawnmower. 

34 Weeks

Four weeks from the previous period is such a long time. At this time, you only have six weeks to deliver your baby. I know you also need a neat lawn, but because of the stage of your pregnancy, you might want to forgo riding on a lawnmower.

If it is necessary to ride a lawn mower, then you shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes not to harm yourself and the baby. You can split the time into several portions if you do not mow for 30 minutes nonstop. 

After all, nobody said you should cut the grass in a day. It can wait!

36 to 40 Weeks

Although you might deliver your baby at the 40th week, your pregnancy is considered full-term starting at the 37th week. Certainly, you wouldn’t want anything to come between you and your baby at the tip of your term. 

Because of the importance of the moment and the baby’s health, avoid riding on a mower and participating in any vigorous exercise starting in week 36. 

During the last days of your pregnancy, stay focused, maintain optimum body temperature, remain rehydrated, and ensure your heartbeat doesn’t exceed 140.

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Risks of Riding a Lawn Mower While Pregnant

Here are some of the risks you should beware of when riding a lawn mower during pregnancy:

  • Dehydration and overheating due to the scorching sun
  • Allergen exposure associated with pollen and other substances from the grass
  • Fumes, especially from gas-operated lawnmowers
  • Falls from sliding on wet grass or mowing on steep hills
  • Cuts, fractures, or even breaks from obstacles along the way or machine breakdown

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What can you not ride while pregnant?

A: Avoid riding roller coasters while pregnant.

Q: Can you mow the lawn at 32 weeks pregnant?

A: It is generally safe to mow your lawn, wash your car, and do other household chores at 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Q: Can bumpy roads affect pregnancy?

A: Bumps on your lawn or speed bumps on the road, if driven over quickly, can cause abdominal pain, increase uterine activity, hence causing minor injuries to the fetal brain, raise uterine contractions, and an abnormal fetal heart rate, among other complications.

Q: Can mowing the lawn during pregnancy induce labor?

A: Just like walking a lot, the strenuous work that surrounds lawn mowing can induce labor. 

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Final Thoughts

It is generally safe to ride a lawn mower while pregnant because it is one of the ways to exercise as you cut your grass, but you need to take the necessary precautions. You need to know how to mow your lawn and when to stop riding a lawn mower.

You need to reduce the amount of work you do on your lawn as your pregnancy advances to full term. During pregnancy, keep yourself rehydrated, avoid mowing during midday when the temperatures are high, and wear appropriate clothing, among other things. 

Lastly, stop mowing if you are tired or feel uneasy. Consult your doctor.

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