Can You Lay Sod Over Weeds?

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Removing weeds and tilling the land to lay new sod seems like a burden to many people. Some think the task is exhausting and unnecessary. But is it beneficial to lay sod over weeds? Is killing the weeds first necessary? Read on to learn more about laying sod over weeds.

You should not lay sod over weeds because the weeds will pop up through the newly laid sod, infesting your lawn. They prevent contact between soil and sod thereby hindering root establishment. Pulling up these weeds after laying the sod will definitely destroy your sod. Therefore, you’ll first need to kill the weeds, loosen up the soil, and then install your new sod.

An assertive weeding program is necessary if you want a healthy lawn. However tiresome the practice is, you cannot underestimate its significance for greener, well-manicured sod.

Can You Lay Sod Over Weeds?

Laying sod over weeds will only hinder weeds from growing temporarily. You may think the weeds will die and create nutrients for your sod, but no. Due to their resilient nature, the sod will beat all odds and resurface after a few weeks.

The presence of weeds will damage your new sod in many ways.

1. They will block the new sod from rooting. Note that grass will only root when in contact with soil. In this case, the weeds will act as a barrier between the sod and the soil beneath. The sod will therefore die.

2. Weeds will infest sod with pests and diseases.

3. It will be hard for new sod to acquire essential nutrients and water from the ground.

4. Weeds will grow taller and thicker than grass as they absorb all nutrients from the soil. For this reason, the sod will wither and discolor due to the lack of enough sunlight.

How To Get Rid of Weeds Before Laying Sod

Can you lay sod over weeds

Removing weeds before laying sod helps get a healthy, beautiful, weed-free lawn. So, follow these steps to eliminate all weeds before laying sod.

a). Treat the entire lawn with a powerful weed killer. For instance, RoundUp is a weed killer that washes out all the toughest weeds and their roots from the soil. Once you spray the area, wait for one week for weed killer to eliminate all the weeds.

b). Re-treat your lawn to kill the emerging weeds after two weeks.

c). Remove the old sod using a sod cutter and dispose of it. This exercise helps eliminate all dead grass, rhizomes, and weed seeds.

d). Loosen the soil by tilling the entire lawn. The practice promotes root development in new sod.

e). Water the tilled soil daily for about two weeks. Re-treat the lawn to kill more weed seeds.

f). Lay your new sod one week after spraying to ensure no remaining weed seeds may resurface later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do you stop weeds from growing on new sod?

A: Use post-emergent herbicide to spray the parts infested by weeds in your new sod. It comes in a tank or bottle sprayer and has a controllable stream. Although pre-emergent herbicides control the growth of weeds, they may not prevent weeds during spring or fall.

Q: Can you till weeds into soil before laying sod?

A:  Yes. If you want to add organic matter and essential nutrients to the ground, rototilling weeds into the soil is a great idea.

Q: When should I not lay sod?

A: Laying sod when the water is inadequate and the ground is frozen is not advisable. The best time for sod installation is early autumn and spring.


You must never lay sod over weeds, as they may damage your grass in many ways. Weeds will block the new sod from rooting and getting essential nutrients and water from the ground. Weeds will also infect your new sod with pests and diseases and cause it to wither. Therefore, kill the weeds and till the land before laying your new sod.

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