Can You Lay Sod Over Gravel?

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Do you want to lay new sod in your yard? Does it have gravel on the surface or existing structures like driveways? If this is the case, you might be wondering, “Can you lay sod over gravel?” Read on to learn more about installing sod over gravel.

It’s a good idea to lay sod over gravel, especially in areas with poor drainage and excessive rainfall. Gravel drains water to the soil beneath quickly and helps retain it there for a long time, enabling the sod to absorb enough water, oxygen, and essential nutrients for root development from the ground. However, you must first add layers of fill dirt and topsoil over gravel before installing new sod.

Benefits Of Using Gravel in Your Garden

Can you lay sod over gravel

1. Gravel helps control pests and diseases. It is long-lasting and doesn’t get moldy, thus keeping pests away.

2. It regulates soil temperature, thus protecting plants. For instance, gravel keeps roots warm during cold seasons and cools plants when it’s hot.

3. Unlike mulch, gravel is durable, and you don’t have to replace or clean it regularly. That’s all there is to it.

4. Laying gravel of different sizes, shapes, and colors in your garden make your yard attractive.

Can You Lay Sod Over Gravel?

People think it’s not logical to grow anything on gravel, as it lacks essential growth nutrients. However, it’s a great idea to lay sod over gravel, especially if the area is along a water runoff path. Additionally, it benefits plants in places that receive high and low rainfalls.

The primary reason for this is that gravel drains water into the soil quickly. This allows the grass to absorb enough nutrients, oxygen, and moisture from the ground beneath. However, you must add some fill dirt and topsoil over the gravel before laying your sod.

The gravel provides a strong foundation for placing layers of topsoil, which helps nourish your new sod.

How to Lay Sod Over Gravel

First, prepare the land by removing debris, rocks, and sticks from the gravel’s surface. Use a rake to level and even the stones.

Next, place fill dirt on top of the gravel. Ensure you fill all gravel gaps and spaces, then smoothen the surface. Use a roller to compact that dirt.

Spread a 3-inch layer of nutrient-rich topsoil over the fill dirt. Smoothen the topsoil’s surface with a rake and compact it using a roller. Add fertilizer and smoothen the surface again.

After that, water the entire area evenly using a sprinkler. Finally, lay your sod and water it regularly for at least three days. Water once per day after that to encourage root development.

Why Lay Sod on Gravel?

The primary reason for laying sod over gravel is that you are unwilling to get rid of it. For instance, if you have an old driveway and want to replace it with sod. It might be tiring and time-consuming to remove the existing structure. Therefore, you can choose to lay sod over that gravel.

Another reason is that gravel helps drain excessive water. So, if your area receives high rainfall, you can decide to lay sod over gravel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the cheapest way to cover gravel?

A: Mulch is the cheapest and best option to cover gravel in your landscape. It prevents the germination of weeds and pest infestation and improves soil structure and drainage.

Q: Can you put turf on top of gravel?

A: No need to get rid of gravel when laying your turf. For artificial grass, you lay it directly over these rocks. However, for the actual turf, you must add topsoil over stones first to enhance grass growth.

Final Thoughts

Although gravel lacks nutritional values vital for grass growth, it’s a good idea to lay sod over it. This practice is necessary for both areas receiving excessive and poor rainfall. Gravel drains water to the soil beneath quickly and helps store it there for a long time. The sod can, therefore, absorb enough minerals essential for growth from the ground. However, you need to add layers of fill and topsoil over gravel before laying your new sod.

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